Quinto, Zaragoza, Spain,1964


Conscious of the seduction that accompanies the rhetoric of speed as a promise that frees us from the ephemeral of our existence, as Mark Dery said, Teo Gonzalez shares with Donna Haraway the urgency to feel the fragility of life and the passage of time. In such a way that the tension that accompanies these questions, fundamental in our individual and daily experience, is expressed in the “postminimal” treatment of his works, resolved in subtle gridded plots of simultaneous and repetitive rhythms that occupy the entire surface. The conflict between the regular configuration of the elastic net and the unpredictable presence by chance of the tiny gestures or drops that occupy the small cells, provokes a singular optical vibration that alters the possibility of an unique vision. The methodical work of the action is determined by the artist’s pulse and the circumstances of the process that takes place in real and unrepeatable time.