William Ludwig Lutgens

William LUDWIG LUTGENS. Puke Duke, Plus One, 2017. Courtesy A01 Gallery


Born in Turnhout, Belgium, 1991

Presented by A01 FINE ART GALLERY

Visual artist William Ludwig Lutgens lives and works in Antwerp and Ghent, where he recently graduated from the post-academic programme at the HISK (Higher Institute of Fine Arts).
Lutgens looks at Western traditions, lifestyles, consumer products and ideologies, in manners that often border on the grotesque. Both theatre and play occupy an important place in the work of the artist, who readily identifies himself with the performer of stand-up. This influence is reflected more clearly in the works he sketches in the line of the press design and the illustration but also in that of installation.
In 2017 Lutgens won the Front Line – Lyra prize at Drawing Room Madrid, The Eeckman Art Prize at Art On Paper in Bozar and The Boghossian Foundation’ 2nd prize at Art Contest. Since 2016 William has been self publishing ‘Het Geïllustreerd Blad’ / The Illustrated Paper.