William Ludwig Lutgens

William Ludwig LUTGENS. Untitled Drawings, 2015. Courtesy: A01 Fine Art Gallery


Born in Turnhout, Belgium, 1991

Presented by A01 FINE ART GALLERY

The artist, designer, and illustrator of Belgian origin William Ludwig Lutgens lives and works in both Antwerp and Ghent, where he is currently studying a post-academic programme at the HISK (Higher Institute of Fine Arts). Drawing and painting are his vehicles for exploring themes related to religion, politics, and the world of work. His compositions have a surrealistic touch and use irony to question the absurdity and grotesqueness of our daily existence and in particular that of the middle class, which constitutes his main source of inspiration. His imagination is characterised by the featuring of expressionist shapes and bright colours that are on occasion accompanied by texts and which become a cynical weapon with which to deconstruct reality by means of humour, satire, and caricature.