The seventh edition of Drawing Room Madrid takes place at the beautiful Palacio de las Alhajas, from 23 to 27 February, and transforms its proposal under the artistic direction of Alejandro Martínez, to offer a new and ambitious experience of enjoyment and acquisition of drawing in all its declinations. 

While preserving the defence of the fertile ground of contemporary drawing, the fair adheres to the powerful statement of the continuity of art through time and proposes to show special recognition to the Masters of Modernity. Each era has invoked a different idea of the modern that concerns the past and, inevitably, our vision of the future from the present. The role of the Master is thus granted by a shared recognition in which the current art system – museum curators, art historians, art market agents – and the public consent. The Masters demonstrate a special capacity to be loved, vindicated and celebrated by society. 

Drawing is a terrain for action and experimentation. Released from apriorisms and dogmas, from the very first sketch, the connection between the young artists and the masters is evident, demonstrating that the resources of this language are infinite. Stroke and gesture, sign and figure, merge and mutually recognise each other. For this reason, the Drawing Room fair in its renewed 2022 edition aims to be an active part of this and other narratives that allow us to trace identities and genealogies in contemporary art.

In this edition, we invite galleries to present those they consider their masters together with today’s artists, highlighting their value and facilitating the link between them. In addition, we open the participation to those galleries whose discourse enhances the value of drawing since the Avant-Garde and throughout the 20th century. On the other hand, Drawing Room Madrid continues to incorporate new galleries to its project, and welcomes the youngest galleries created in recent years, whose spaces will highlight the most recent creation.