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Paco Pomet

Paco POMET, Ceremonia, 2015. Courtesy My name’s Lolita




Paco Pomet has a bachelor’s degree by the Faculty of Fine Arts of Granada, city where he works and resides.
Pomet’s work makes an oblique journey through different techniques such as photography, drawing and painting, with winks to the cinema, comic and television, thus building a new work which includes all these visions of art under one single look.
The result has a premeditated interest in disturbing the spectator, emotional characteristic of his work that triggers a quick reflection on the culturally apprehended. This intellectual journey, tinged with humor and irony, translates into a scourge of criticism that questions everything from the image itself.
Pomet knows the contradictions of the current world and projects them in his work in a humorous tone, a condition that helps the question transcend.
In 2010 he was awarded the Excellent World Prize at the Beijing Biennial, China.

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Rui Serra

Rui SERRA, Mysterium Tremendum et Fascinans#2, 2017. Courtesy Galeria Arte Periferica


Elvas, Portugal, 1980


Bachelor of Arts from the Faculty of Lisbon, city where he develops his work, Rui Serra builds an imaginary of sensations where stroke and color draw the hunch.
He uses a wide chromatic range that goes through fluorescents evoking starry skies, storms or sea beds.
He makes a series of reflections on abstract painting that he then turns into works, where freedom is what defines their style.
His work is an open dialogue with the viewer, where sensations are what shape the message.
He has exhibited individually and collectively since the beginning of the 90s. He was selected for the União Latina Painting Contest in 1995.
His works are in such important collections as Museu do Chiado, Fundação de Serralves, Portugal Telecom, Caixa Geral de Depósitos, M.E.I.A.C. of Badajoz, among others.

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Eric Fok Hoi Seng

Eric Fok Hoy Seng, Barcelona, 2016. Courtesy Galeria Arte Periferica


Macao, China, 1990


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Stefano Bonacci

Stefano BONACCI, Sin título, 2016. Courtesy Galería


Perugia, Italy, 1971


Stefano Bonacci looks for the visual impact in the spectator through works, sometimes of great dimensions, in which he returns to the artisan techniques for the materials (glass, mirrors and neon lights), integrating them in a conceptual discourse.
Through his work, he manages to stimulate the observers and make them reflect on the visual quality of the works, getting them to meditate deeply on the forms they obtain.
His work is based mainly on the centrality of the principle of visual perspective typical of the Italian Renaissance and, consequently, he is especially interested in drawing.
Many of his works have been created in relation to the perspective and history of the exhibition site, in an attempt to create the perfect balance between work and space.
Stefano Bonacci is also dedicated to teaching, working as a professor of multimedia installations and pictorial techniques at the Perugia Academy of Fine Arts.

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Marta Chirino

Marta CHIRINO, Piña, 2005. Courtesy Galería Lucía Mendoza


Madrid, 1963


As she explains, Marta Chirino looks at the branches of the trees, the earth, the remains of the leaves, fruits and petals, and when she finds something different, submitted to the whimsical chance of nature, she cannot help but pick it up and take it to her study in order to examine it and discover the great intelligence and the incomparable design of natural knowledge.
The drawings of flora that she realizes on parchment paper are so meticulous that one can see in them a knowledge that goes beyond the observation of an artist. With a degree in Biological Sciences from the Autonomous University of Madrid, with an environmental specialty, Chirino was also trained at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Complutense University of Madrid. By combining these two branches, humanities and science, she creates a whole work, as did the great geniuses of painting, for which the centuries do not pass.
Marta Chirino is, since 1998, a member of merit of the English Society of Botanical Artists.

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Deso (Broken Fingaz)

DESO, The Rest Of You, 2017. Courtesy Martina’s Gallery




Deso is a gentleman immigrant and a quarter of Israel’s art collective Broken Fingaz. From a soviet upbringing to a war zone in the middle east, the odds have been stacked against him, but he always keeps a smile and his passion for psychedelia, girls and a traditional approach to illustration. Working in in the studio located is right in the city’s grey area, the port the industrial leftovers and funny enough Haifa’s flea market. The market is very much represent the variety of the city’s population in terms of trippy and oldschool people. Traders, sailors, ex criminals, sculptors, fishermen…
Walking every day thru the market street it deeply inspires me the combination of vintage European furniture, old photos, carpets etc… and the society of the market people so called “down to earth” vibe of this place. Sketchy and romantic at the same time. The new series of paintings is very much inspired by the environment of the Haifa’s flea market area and a modern art simplicity. The psychedelic projection of the 19’s century illustration, art nouveau and simple forms of woman’s body along with a mix of a different folk subjects. Simple but rich of color technic shows the naïve beauty, admire the shape of woman’sbody as idolized form of a greater meaning. To be worshiped by it like in an old novel book.

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Miquel Mont

Miquel MONT, Propuesta de intervención espacial, 2017. Courtesy Galería Trinta


Barcelona, 1963


The work of Miquel Mont explores the perception of the place where a work is exhibited through painting, the physical limits of the piece itself and its progressive expansion within that place.
In its production, the possibilities that are opened go beyond the traditional limitations of painting: object, medium and content are omnipresent terms in the artist’s work, which questions the validity of continuing to produce paintings in the 21st century.
Mont’s interest in exploring the third dimension of painting has led him to experiment with different ways of breaking the traditional medium.
His work is part of numerous public and private collections such as La Caixa, Bank of Spain, Barrier Foundation, Suñol Foundation, Museu d’art de Lleida, Alava Museum, Ludwig Museum, FNAC, FRAC (Alsace, Bretagne, Picardie, Corse), Belgacom Foundation and FMAC Paris, among others.
Miquel Mont has lived and worked in Paris since 1989.

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Tiziana Pers

Tiziana PERS, The Broken Line – Pig escapes from the slaughterhouse then adopted by the Police, 2017. Courtesy aA29 Project Room

Tiziana PERS

Italy, 1976

Presented by aA29 PROJECT ROOM

Tiziana Pers is a visual artist and activist of human and animal rights. Her works are full of metaphorical meanings about the conscience of respect for animal life, with the aim of moving the viewer.
She deals with the role and responsibility of contemporary art in relation to the otherness represented by animals and, more generally, with the need to rethink ourselves and our world through biocentrism.
Pers was first honorary prize of her degree in Comparative Literature from the University of Udine and collaborates with philosophers and art historians in different publications and philosophical essays.
She is a versatile artist whose work is expressed in drawings, paintings, photographs, installations, sculptures and performances.
She has been awarded with such important prizes as the Mario Razzano Prize in 2015 and the Celeste Prize in 2006.
She lives and works in Trivignano Udines, Italy.

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Navid Azimi Sajadi

Navid AZIMI SAJADI, Serie The Bridge, 2017. Courtesy A01 Gallery


Tehran, Iran, 1982

Presented by A01 GALLERY

Navid is an iconoclast who breaks with the symbols, traditions and preconceived views of Iranian culture. Breaking the mold of these symbols until they are transformed into a Western language is the engine of his work.
The skill with which he achieves this transformation turns his works into an effective complaint of an unjust reality. The beauty of his work is effective for the rotundity of the message. It is a combative, disruptive art; almost a graphic scream that resonates in our consciences.
Bachelor of painting by the University of Art and Architecture of Tehran and with a long curricular tour in Rome, where he resides, Navid Azimi manages to pierce his critical eye on the viewer.

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Philip Patkowitsch

Philip PATKOWITSCH, Untitled, 2017. Courtesy Bechter Kastowsky Galerie


Zell am See, Austria, 1981


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