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Eltono, Círculos, 2017. Courtesy Set Espai d’Art


Paris, 1975

Presented by SET ESPAI D’ART

In the works of Eltono, the research on the line and the color is reflected in drawings on paper which, endowed with a spatial dimension, acquire three-dimensionality and are translated into sculptural objects or into the creation of automatic drawings that give prominence to the game and chance in the creative process.
An artist of the public space -as he defines himself- Eltono’s work focuses on the search for media and languages that not only act in the urban context, but reflect the experience lived between the artist and the city. The geometry and the flat color generate a very personal code loaded with symbologies close to calligraphy. The artist establishes systems by exploring the limits of a defined and restricted framework, transferring the line and the plane to the expanded field. The urban fabric is embodied in static and dynamic forms, reflecting a cyclical movement.

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Sasha Vinci

Sasha VINCI, La terra dei fiori, 2017. Courtesy aA29 Project Room


Modica, Italy, 1980

Presented by aA29 PROJECT ROOM

The basis of Sasha Vinci’s research is based on the continuous experimentation with different artistic languages. Performance, sculpture, drawing, painting, writing and sound design are expressions that the artist uses to create works from which a free thought arises and questions the problems of existence.
It is an art that crosses the intimate memory, to arrive at a plural vision and reveal the difficulties, the discomfort and the social contradictions of the contemporary world.
Vinci uses her works as a weapon for reflection without neglecting a very personal aesthetic that defines her in each of her works.
In 1999 she graduated in the Istituto Statale d’Arte “S. Fiume” of Comiso, in the specialty of Sculpture and Plastic Decoration.
In 2005 she obtained the Diploma in the Academy of Fine Arts of Florence, also in the Sculpture section.
In 2017 she was awarded the Sustainable Art Prize of the Foscari University of Venice.

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Emilio González Sáinz

Emilio González Sainz, Untitled, 2017. Courtesy Galería Siboney


Torrelavega (Cantabria), 1961


Emilio González Sainz recreates in his works the personalities of archetypes that form a part of the European culture of the last three hundred years. This culture is related to books and to the knowledge of nature, both as a part of work and the individual pleasure. He recreates the personalities of the collector in his cabinet of curiosities, the explorer of the deep north, the walker in the forest, the hunter with his greyhounds, the writer working in his cabin …
González Sainz loves winter landscapes, bare rocks and frozen fields and, in this area of elective affinities is located his last production of marker drawings, where he writes the names of his favorite artists and writers forming swirls in the air. Patinir, Brueguel, Poe, Corot, Ucello, Melville, Mantegna, Pessoa, Bonnard, Dufy, Matisse, Morandi, Brancusi, Austen, Hopper, Stubss, Giacometti, Paul Klee, Highsmith look as if they are about to disappear.

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